Combine transportation execution and transportation management services

Exceptional transport cannot be improvised. Because of their size, abnormal loads are likely to hinder general traffic and generate risks of accidents.

Their weight causes significant stresses on pavements or engineering structures, which can lead to weakening or accelerated deterioration of the latter.

In view of the requirements of safety and conservation of road assets, the regulation of exceptional transport requires a procedure to be followed for the issuance of an exceptional transport order.

We study the feasibility of your project and define the material means to be put in place in accordance with the regulations in force, from the departure of the factory to the installation on site.

We take care of all the administrative and regulatory procedures: from obtaining the authorization, to the accompaniment of the convoy, including studies of engineering structures, route reconnaissance, escort reservations (Gendarmerie or Police) and advance notice before the convoy passes. Our experience guarantees you a methodical transport of your loads of all dimensions everywhere in Morocco.

Our teams, regularly trained during awareness sessions on the subject of TE, are qualified to carry out the most delicate operations.

We have equipment adapted to the transport of indivisible masses to meet your most specific needs.

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