The trucker leases his truck tractor and drivers to a third party company. In other words, he is the owner of the tractor vehicle that moves, and nothing more. Let's find out everything you need to know about truck drivers!

The road haulage companies are too often ignored by the players in the transport market. However, they provide valuable services to many companies. It is important to distinguish them from the haulage company, the freight forwarder and the vehicle rental company. Indeed, the traction agent occupies a special place. It is possible to take advantage of road haulage companies in many situations, for companies in the logistics sector. Let's discover them together.

What is a road tractor?

The truck driver is often confused with many of his peers. Let's start by detailing their role: what are the differences between a carrier, a freight forwarder, a haulage contractor, a traction agent or a rental company? A carrier, including an international carrier, undertakes to move other people's goods with his own means, for a fixed price, usually in a service contract. A freight forwarder is a carrier who subcontracts the movement of goods. If the role of the transport company in contact with the customer is unclear, then he can ask for the non-use of subcontracting. The subcontracted carrier has undertaken as a valet to perform the service. The vehicle lessor is the carrier. The driver is then an employee of the user. A tractor driver is not like any of these actors. He is the owner of the tractor, and moves goods for a fee. However, the goods are loaded in the semi-trailer of a customer or a colleague! He is responsible for any damage caused to the trailer. The customer who directly manages haulage contractors for the use of his trailers is the freight forwarder.

So it's a small world, and all these companies work closely together, so it's essential to know how it works.

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